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Create a custom offline/online gallery with Fallery

Fallery is a solution to create a custom offline/online gallery. But what does this sentence mean?
As an Android developer, in many scenarios, we need our app user to select media from the media’s on the mediastore, internet, assets, or cache dir. Fallery offers a solution to this problem.

What is fallery solution ?

Fallery is a high customizable gallery and media picker for android. fallery has two Interface for providing data AbstractMediaBucketProviderandAbstractBucketContentProvider. You can create two classes and implement these interfaces like this

class CustomOnlineBucketProvider : AbstractMediaBucketProvider {

    override suspend fun getMediaBuckets(bucketType: BucketType): List<MediaBucket> {
        // get buckets list from any datasource
class CustomOnlineBucketContentProvider : AbstractBucketContentProvider {

    override suspend fun getMediasOfBucket(
        bucketId: Long, 
        bucketType: BucketType
    ): Flow<List<Media>> {
        // get bucket content by bucketId from any datasource


And Simply passing concreate classes to FalleryBuilder

.setContentProviders(CustomOnlineBucketContentProvider(), CustomOnlineBucketProvider())

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